Intro to CAP 105

I definitely enjoyed my first day of class. It was full of small conversations, chatting with students around me, and learning about others in the class. We didn’t cover much material since it was the first day, although I do have 4 pages of notes, but we did figure out how to create our own blog site, how to sell ourselves (in the best way possible), and how to create a professional identity. I’m far from professional, however, I think this class could teach me a thing or two about how to advertise myself. Starting a blog was never something I thought about doing, so maybe after doing this once a week it’ll be something I take into consideration.

We talked about the different types of file formats (.gif, .eps. etc) and even though the only thing I could think of was what the proper way to pronounce .gif is-it’s GIF by the way, not JIF-I did learn that there were more formats than I thought. We talked about audio, video, graphic, and web formats, which I know nothing about, so I definitely think I’ll leave this class with more information than I had known going in.

See ya next next week! (Not next week, but the week after)

Amanda Sinishtaj


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That’s a GIF of Taylor Swift waving goodbye because I’m saying goodbye, also I really just like Taylor Swift.



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