Class 2

Amanda Sinishtaj

During our second class we discussed many different things related to branding and advertising. We talked about viral topics, videos, etc. and how they got there, which led us to the 6 STEPPS created by Jonah Berger that he discussed in his book Contagious: Why Things Catch On. The video was quite interesting, and made a lot of sense. We had to appeal to the audiences emotions and triggers, and pay attention to things such as stories, practical value, social currency and the public.

We also discussed scripts and storyboards, which we’ll need to learn how to use for future projects.

We learned how to develop our campaign for the final project. The web page, social media strategy, videos & photos, graphics, the CTA, and analytics are all things I’ll have to understand how to use and develop for this project.

I learned a lot during this class and it was very interesting to discuss, especially being able to watch videos based on what we were talking about. I’m a very visual learner, so the video pertaining to the 6 STEPPS, helped me to remember and better understand what they were talking about.

This video of Jonah Berger discussing the book was a bit of a recap on what we talked about.



Cover photo by me

Video by Google