We’re a couple of weeks into the semester so things are getting a bit more complicated. It seems as if we have less lecture time and more time doings hands-on activities. We went over Photoshop some more today and had time to freely figure things out and get comfortable with the program.

I messed around with layering colors a bit during this class. My photo turned out pretty cool, but I wish I was able to do more with it. These couple of class periods that we’ve learned photoshop have given me lots of experience with it, and as someone who is very interested in photography, it’s nice to have this skill as well. I like to edit photos a lot but I usually use iPhone apps, this feels a bit more professional to know how to use.

I like using the app Facetune which is pretty similar to Photoshop.. but in only a couple of ways. I can fix peoples blemishes or wrinkles after shooting with them, and can adjust certain things that are bothering me. I like how easy the app is to use, but as I said before I would like to really understand Photoshop for future professional situations.

We also met with our groups, however only one of my group partners was there so it was a pretty short conversation. This class has already taught me many skills, and I’m excited to see what else is to come.

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