Week 5:

For our 5th week of class, we dove into the basics of photography. I have always had an interest in photography and have been for awhile, so this lecture was pretty much a refresher for me. It was a very productive class, and everyone in my group was better able to understand how the camera works as well, so we will all be able to shoot for our group project.

We talked about the DSLR camera, which is what I use. I have the Canon Rebel T3 and I’m actually really impressed in how well it shoots for such a reasonable price. We went over key terms and functions of the camera. Such as the body, the lens, the sensor, etc. We talked about the proper card to use for a DSLR camera (SD) and how to work the lens when trying to zoom. We discussed wide angle & telephoto, prime sense, and focal lengths which is what’s going to help better understand zoom.

After discussing the body and functions of the camera, we talked a bit about the inside of the camera, like how the aperture, shutter speed, and depth of field work. This is where it gets a bit more complicated, and although I’ve taken photography and have experience in it, I definitely still get confused a bit on this. Basically, we need to know how this works when we’re shooting in manual. Auto gets things done for us, manual is where we step in and do the work, so learning this will help us be better able to do our own thing.

This class was really educational in the photography field, and will hopefully give everyone a better idea of how to work the camera for their projects. It also definitely gave me a refresher, especially on aperture, etc. Here’s a bit of what I’ve done below! Not my best, but just a few I had saved.



All photos taken by me.