Green Frog Photo Field Trip

For this class, we went on a trip to visit Green Frog Photo in Grand Rapids. I hadn’t been on a field trip since high school, so I was pretty excited to get out of the classroom. I’ve been in studios before, but it’s always fun to see a photographers workplace.

We learned about the different lights in the studio. Lighting devices for photography definitely come in different sizes, and we saw a couple of them during this trip. We saw the small lights that have the ability to light an entire room, and we saw the big umbrella lights that aren’t nearly as blinding (but still bright enough). The photographer we talked to educated us on food photography, which is his specialty. I never knew that shooting food was such a demanding job, but once I realized that every picture of food I have seen in a grocery store had a photographer behind it, I definitely saw why it’s such an important job. I could tell he was very passionate about what he did because he really enjoyed talking about it and answering our questions, it was nice to talk to someone who enjoyed their job that much.

My favorite part about this trip was definitely seeing the location of Green Frog photo. It was a giant, spooky building, which I liked. It was interesting and had beautiful architecture inside and out. When I went into the bathroom, I noticed the mirrors, painting, and the entire design was different than others I had seen before. Sounds a bit weird, but it was definitely a cool bathroom. It had a bit of a 50’s vibe to it. The whole building itself I believe he said was 1/4 mile long, and had a lot of history in it. I would love to have talked more about that because I find things like that very fascinating. Before going in, me and my group partners drove around the vacinity looking for Green Frog, but were in complete awe at how eery and interesting the entire place was.

I definitely enjoyed my time at Green Frog, and learned a lot about the food photography industry. I don’t think I’d ever see myself going into a field like that, because I’d much rather shoot people, but it was cool to hear him talk to us about his journey and his experience in the food industry.


That’s a photo of food that I took last year. Figured it went well with this topic, and it just looks good.

Featured Image of sushi was also taken by me. The sushi was pretty, the aesthetic was perfect, and the lighting was insane, so I snapped a picture.