For week 8 we covered video production. Video production is something I’m very aware of because I’m currently taking a Television Media Production class here at GVSU. In this class, I’m learning about all the different things that go into the production of a film including audio, video, and photo.

In both classes, we covered scripts, microphones, sound, lenses, etc. Scripting isn’t as easy as writing down a “Person #1:” and “Person #2:” type paper, it takes a lot of organization for simple understanding of what has to be said/done. Celtx is something I’ve heard of before in relation to scripting. In a communications class I took last semester, I was able to talk to the creators of a local comic book who taught our class what went into making it. They discussed the sketching process and also the process of writing it. A comic is almost like a script. It’s an outline of what a movie would look like, and is something filmmakers use to get an idea of what it will look like when it’s actually being taped.

I was first introduced to a story outline when I used to watch behind-the-scenes videos of Taylor Swift’s music videos. In her behind-the-scenes video for “Fifteen” we get a sneak peak of what the video looks like in boxes on a sheet of paper. It looks like a comic before it is actually taped, to give the artist an idea of what it should look like when its finished.

A lot goes into video production. It isn’t just simply filming a video, it is about getting the proper audio, script, tone, setting, etc. You want to give your audience a feeling or provoke a thought while showing them your film/video. The video has to contain many different elements to reach its best potential. Our final projects will definitely be an example of how well we understood what it takes to capture our audiences’ attention.

The Internet has everything now so I was able to find a video on scripting. It’s pretty basic, but definitely a good first look.


“How To Format A Screenplay – 5 Basic Elements : FRIDAY 101”. YouTube. N.p., 2017. Web. 20 Mar. 2017.

By Indy Mogul on Youtube

Featured image taken by Hannah Kelley (of me shooting a video) 🙂