Week 9 Class:

For this class we went over video editing in Adobe Premiere. As I said before in my previous blog post, I have a bit of experience in Premier and video editing, but not nearly enough. Being able to use the software and edit video clips gave me a lot of hands-on experience, and I was able to test my abilities. There were a few things I forgot how to do (zooming and cropping, mainly), but overall I think I did a pretty decent job.

We had a lot of freedom with how we wanted to edit the video clips, which I loved. We were able to select a few of the clips and sequence them together so that they’d make sense (to us at least). We also got to color correct the videos and adjust the lighting which is something I always believe in. There’s always room for improvement and it’s pretty rare that you’ll get a perfectly colored shot, unless the lighting is really on your side that day. I always love adjusting the brightness and contrast. I think adding contrast to a photo/video makes it much more prominent and lively. Dull, flat photos are low in contrast and not pleasing to the eye in any way. They look much more two-demensional.

I wasn’t able to insert my video due to my wordpress plan (the free one, obviously) but I was able to take a few screenshots off of my laptop. These are the videos I chose to sequence together (along with one more) and I think they went together really well.