For class on March 27th we visited WKTV Studios in Wyoming, Michigan. I wasn’t sure what to expect when walking into this studio because I had never seen anything other than a studio for photography. The particular building we visited was really unique in the way that it looked like a TV show set and was a bit different than I had expected. Not only did they have a big studio to film shows, but they had a room with a talk-show vibe to it and a cooking show room as well. It was cool to be able to see a set like this in person because we only really see whats on the screen, and never whats behind the camera.

The television studio was different from a photography studio because it had a bit more of everything in it. More props, more color, more equipment, etc. A lot of times in photography studios we just see white and gray backdrops, but television show set-ups have more of an interior design to them.

I really enjoyed walking around and learning about the different things that go into producing a television show. We were able to see where and how they were edited, and where the filming actually happens. The best part was seeing them film something in person. Although it was a small show they were filming for, being able to see the behind-the-scenes action of the camera men, directors, and general crew was actually pretty entertaining. I enjoyed my time at WKTV and even though we had a short trip, I did learn a few things about television broadcasting.

Because I talked about photography studios, I decided to include a picture I have from that. I was able to visit a really small home-made studio a while back. I guess the best part about photography is that you can really set up a studio anywhere you go!