For this weeks class we covered the group project, a bit of social media, advertisements, and keywords. Each topic seems pretty different, but they all go hand-in-hand with advertising and how to bring attention to whatever you’re trying to sell/post.

SEO/SEM stands for search engine optimization is something we talked about a lot during this class. SEO is a method that companies use to increase the amount of visitors on their website/advertisement. We learned the different ways to grab someones attention and get them to view our advertisement.

You have to be selling something, so choosing your words wisely is important when creating an advertisement. You need to let the audience know what they’re getting out of this and how it will benefit them. Something such as “money back guaranteed” is probably convincing your customer to click your ad or look more into your company because you are basically guaranteeing that they’ll like the product or their money will be refunded. This is how brands draw in their customers and sell their products.

We also got a few YouTube tips since YouTube tends to be a pretty big form of social media. People use YouTube for things such as how-to videos and pure entertainment. We learned about keeping your videos short. I believe everyone could agree with this statement, because after awhile a video will begin to get boring. Unless it’s a video produced just as well as a film, chances are after a couple of minutes the viewer will become bored of the content.

This class was very informative on advertising online and definitely gave me a few tips that could help with the group project due next week!


Photo above taken by me for the group assignment. Grand Valley States logo is a GV and college students in Michigan will recognize it as Grand Valley. This is related to what we discussed last week and relates to how we can advertise our company by getting people to recognize our logo.

Featured photo also taken by me for the group project. I really enjoy using my photos on my blog to make it a bit more personal.